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You've downloaded a thousand apps to your phone. You won't be sorry you downloaded this one we promise.

This is the Reapnow App. We are certain you won't hear preaching and content like this anywhere else.

Bringing you life changing content direct to your phone. We are moving forward with a variety of features on the reapnow app.

Livestreaming services, audio downloads, sermon videos, audio bible features, exclusive messages from Pastor Dwight Jones.
So much quality content that we are 100% sure that it will be a blessing to you.

God has impressed on us to get the message out. A message to those who hunger and thirst that a last days awakening is coming. You don't want to miss hearing Pastor Dwight Jones each week as he speaks rhema (right now) word to God's people.

We challenge you to share this app with friends as God uses it to bless you. If you would like more information please visit us at WWW.REAPNOW.ORG

Also visit our other sites for ministry resources.

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